The Dutch Association for Veganism (NVV) is the only member association for veganism in the Netherlands. In addition, we are THE knowledge center in the Netherlands about veganism. We stand up for animals and for the interests of our members.

We believe in a vegan world in which animal use is no longer the norm. Where people live with respect for all sentient beings. A world in which people are aware that we do not need animal products or services to live a healthy life and act accordingly.


The objective of the Dutch Association for Veganism is to promote veganism and stimulate an end to all forms of exploitation of animals. Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

Vision and Mission

Vision: Animals should not be conceived of as property, but as living, sentient beings with their own needs and interests. In our ideal world all people are living vegan, with compassion for all human and non-human animals and nature. Veganism has a positive impact on all animals, personal health, nature and the environment.

Mission: We want to inspire people to live vegan and promote this way of living effectively.


The NVV maintains a newsletter, website, webshop with products and several social media. She also organizes an annual general members meeting. One of her projects is the VeganChallenge, a free online program in which participants try out a vegan lifestyle for a month. Other projects include: Melk, Je Kan Zonder! (“Milk, you can do without!”), the vegan product database Vegan Wiki and the Vegan Friendly project, to connect vegan (friendly) companies to our members.

The NVV can also often be found at events such as VeggieFair and Veggieworld. We are the point of contact for Dutch companies who want to apply for the Vegan Quality Mark for their products. The NVV also publishes VEGAN Magazine (previously V), a quarterly publication which is also sold in our webshop and selected health stores.


The Dutch Association for Veganism originated from the Veganistenkring (Circle of Vegans) which was established on 8 September 1979. It was the first organization on the topic of veganism in the Netherlands.

In 1984 the name was changed to Veganisten Organisatie (Vegan Organisation). On 4 September 1987 the society was registered as a legal entity at the Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem, using the name Vereniging Veganisten Organisatie (VVO) (Association Vegan Organisation). From that moment on, the office was situated in Arnhem. From 16 July 2004 until 15 December 2009 the society had their office in Utrecht.

Since 15 October 1992 the society operates under its current name: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme (NVV) (Dutch Association for Veganism).

Registered charity

The Dutch Association for Veganism has been designated as a Algemeen Nut Beoogende Instelling (ANBI or ‘institution in serve of public interests’) by the Dutch tax authority. This means donations to the NVV can be tax deductible, depending on your personal financial circumstances.