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Vegan Sundays invites you for a cooking workshop on Sunday, 30 June, VOC-kade 10 (Oostenburgereiland), Amsterdam at 16:00. It can be often challenging to cook and present a vegan meal in a colorful and attractive way so that the food is pleasing for the eye. In the workshop we will learn simple ways to make your meal looking more colorful and attractive. All preparations will be quick, easy and of course delicious. Meals that you can make easily at home and that your family and friends would absolutely love.

The menu:

apple-beet root tower salad

3 layered polenta pie with spinach and tomato salsa.

Arame with veggies.

Chinese cabbage rolls with colorful fillings.

Black and white lotus root tempura.

Dessert: apple-mango kanten topped with white cream and fresh summer fruits and berries.

The workshop will last around 2.5 hours and will take place in the amazing exhibition from Mediamatic: the “Freezing Favela”. In the end of the workshop we will all join for a nice dinner with the foods that we made in the “favelous” ( , a bamboo restaurant located next to the kitchen. And don’t be surprised for more surprises!

Price: 25 euros (including “Mediamatic” membership for 4 weeks. A valid membership means unlimited access to the exhibitions and flatlining-low prices for events.)


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