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Happily Ever After: The First Ever CS Europe Vegetarians and Vegans Singles Mingles Weekend

For: Single Vegetarians and Vegans living in Europe
(or any other single vegheads from afar, too!)

Purpose: Find new friends…or your veghead mate, or fling, or obsession, or playmate; chill out with like-minded people for 3 days in Europe’s best veg city!

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: September 30th – 2 October
(but maybe plan on spending a few extra days to get better acquainted, or take side trips to Ostsee or Poland 😉 )

Concept: Activities and meals based around all of the wunderbar vegetarian and vegan and green options available in Berlin – with city and nature-based outings and options for kids and/or dogs. (exotic pets like pigs and boa constrictors can also be accommodated for).

So, don’t be shy, here’s your chance to overtly come together and
link up
link in
hook up
sink in
harmonise and
establish a CS Europe Single Vegheads community!


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