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An American-Cuban-Spanish chef-musician-teacher meets a Jewish-Russian-Israeli chef-dancer in Amsterdam and they both decide to put together a German vegan menu. The American-Cuban asks the Jewish-Russian: “So do you know any vegan German dishes?”. They look at each other with embarrassment.

Sounds like a beginning of a bad joke to you? Well, for us it is a beginning of a great adventure!

Top vegan chefs Mercedes Leon and Alexander Gershberg made a research about the undiscovered sides of the vegan German kitchen and discovered a path into original interpretations of new-old, known and less known dishes that are all inspired by one of the most “meaty” countries in the world.

They both shamelessly use their playfulness and dare to involve their personal backgrounds and styles into this adventure.

So happily we would like to invite you to Oktoberfest. A multi disciplinary-culinary pop-up restaurant-art adventure where 10 different original dishes will be served.

We decided to keep the menu secret. Just cause we’re so happy about it and really good and precious presents you should keep as a surprise till the very last moment.

And did we mention that it’s one of the most amazing locations in town, that there will be amazing live music, self brewed beer. So you can’t but really can’t miss it this time!!!

Join us on 5th of October, Saturday, 20:00, Museumwerf ‘t Kromhout, Kruithuisstraat 25, Amsterdam.

Entrance and meal: 35 Euros.

The first drink is included, you are welcome to purchase our beer on location.

For reservations please write to

To reserve a place please make a transaction of 35 Euros p.p. to bank account 602 1829 M.C.Leon and mention your full name in the comments.

For updates and more information please visit:


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