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What is the Veggie Pride?

All animals want to avoid suffering and live a happy life. Moreover, everyone knows that it is wrong to unnecessarily kill a sentient being. However, billions of animals are killed globally each year for a wholly unnecessary practice: the consumption of animal products.

Veggie Pride seeks to highlight this contradiction. It is a political demonstration of individuals who refuse to eat animals for ethical reasons and it aims to change the current situation in two ways in particular.

The current prevailing cultural view is that the interests of animals are not important and that it is not wrong to kill them for consumption purposes. The value that our culture gives them is so small that some do not hesitate to compare sentient beings that feel emotions with carrots.

Veggie Pride challenges this dominant cultural view, condemning the slaughter and creating a public debate on the legitimacy of the murder of animals. In addition, Veggie Pride does not use ecological or health arguments. It therefore promotes the idea that the interests of animals are significant in themselves and constitute a sufficient reason for the abolition of this practice. This is why the banners, placards and leaflets used in the demonstration will always be focused on the principal victims of meat consumption: the animals.

Parallel to these dominant cultural views, a major obstacle impedes any expression of solidarity with animals: a system of social repression. This is particularly visible in the almost systematic refusal to offer balanced vegan meals in public or private institutions, which may lead some to renounce to their beliefs or else be content with a nutritionally deficient diet. Doctors learn almost nothing about nutrition and are unable to provide vegans and vegetarians accurate information. The media have a mocking or critical attitude against “extremist” vegetarians, when mentioning any topic related to vegetarianism, instead of allowing any real debate of ideas. When someone says that s/he is a vegan or vegetarian for the sake of animal interests, this sometimes provokes unpleasant reactions, contempt and even aggressiveness. This constant social pressure effectively prevents many vegans and vegetarians from opening the debate on the legitimacy of the slaughter of animals for consumption.

Veggie Pride denounces this system of social repression and has named it “vegaphobia”, demanding that vegan and vegetarian rights are respected. Indeed, in this current situation, the rights that society gives to us are the only way that other animals have any indirect rights at all, as such, they are invaluable and we must demand that they are respected.

Thus, we will in particular demand respect for these vegan and vegetarian rights:

    The right to obtain balanced vegan meals in any public or private institutions,
    The right to impartial and appropriate medical information,
    The right to be provided with necessary resources to raise their children in accordance with their beliefs,
    The right to refuse any work contrary to their ethical beliefs.

A petition can be signed online asking respect for these rights, please sign and share:

Petition: Respect_of_the_rights_of_vegans_and_vegeterians/

When and where?

Veggie Pride will take place on Saturday, May 18, 2013 in Geneva. It will open at the start of the World Week for the Abolition of Meat (WWAM), which takes place from May 18th to the 25th.

The Veggie Pride will take place on Saturday, May 18 in Geneva. It will be an international event for the first time and activists from many different countries are expected. As well as the Veggie Pride, various other actions and events will be held from May 16th to the 20th; conferences, an event in front of the UN, another at the World Health Organization, an initiative asking society to recognize legal rights for animals (right to life, to liberty, and to be no one’s property), etc.

All events will be authorized. Given the high cost of living in Switzerland, we will offer vegan food and housing at the lowest price possible.

If you wish to help the team organizing the Veggie Pride 2013, please take this survey and let us know the days you are planning on coming to:



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