Veganisme examen Engels Havo

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Veganisme examen Engels Havo

Bericht door jet » di mei 19, 2015 18:16

In het examen Engels van de Havo stond een stukje over veganisme:
Is meat the fix?
1 I was disappointed you gave so much space to an article on John
Nicholson’s book The Meat Fix (22 February). At best, his experiences
are anecdotal.
2 I am in my fifties and have been vegan for over 40 years. I still play
football and tennis every week, and I am able to beat much younger meateating
opponents. People often assume I am younger than I am. I have
two children who play football, tennis and cricket, are in their top PE
groups and play for their school teams. They are slightly above average
height and of average build, and are both taller than their parents. They
have been vegan since birth.
3 It takes 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1lb of meat, yet it only takes 25
gallons to produce 1lb of wheat. We live in a world of over 7 billion people
where more than a billion people go to sleep every night hungry and
thirsty. Meat is a selfish, inefficient way of producing food.
4 The conclusions reached in The Meat Fix are preposterous. If his claims
were true we’d see vegans and vegetarians crawling along the pavements
on their way back from spending their benefits, because presumably they
haven’t the strength to work.
Ron Grainger
Halifax, West Yorkshire
John Nicholson’s The Meat Fix (22 February) gives the impression that
vegetarian and vegan diets are bad for your health. Nothing could be
further from the truth. Scientific studies have repeatedly linked the vegan
diet to lower levels of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cholesterol and
certain types of cancer. Besides, the exact details of Nicholson’s diet were
conspicuously absent from the article. An unbalanced diet of any kind can
have adverse consequences. His is just one case and does not reflect the
experiences of the majority of vegans who live healthy, active lives.
Ben Martin
Tonbridge, Kent
adapted from letters written to, 2013
Met deze vragen:
Tekst 6 Is meat the fix?
1p 11 What point is made about vegans in paragraph 2?
A They are often ambitious and successful athletes.
B They can be fit and develop healthy physiques.
C They find it annoying to have to explain their principles.
D They lead more rewarding lives than non-vegans.
E They strongly disapprove of people who eat meat.
1p 12 What is the function of paragraph 3?
A to add a point to the one made in paragraph 2
B to analyse one of the points made in paragraph 2
C to illustrate the point made in paragraph 2
D to modify the point made in paragraph 2
1p 13 Welke van de volgende stijlfiguren gebruikt Ron Grainger in alinea 4?
A herhaling
B opsomming
C overdrijving
D relativering
“At best, his experiences are anecdotal.” (alinea 1)
Ben Martin (tweede brief) maakt een opmerking die op hetzelfde
1p 14 Citeer de eerste twee woorden van de zin waarin dit gebeurt.
1p 15 What becomes clear in the second letter?
Ben Martin criticises John Nicholson for
A deliberately misinterpreting important scientific evidence.
B denying that he adopted unhealthy eating habits.
C failing to give sufficient information about the food he consumed.
D neglecting to mention why he writes about veganism.
E refusing to admit there are many healthy vegan dishes.
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.

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Re: Veganisme examen Engels Havo

Bericht door Maarten » di mei 19, 2015 21:29

Geweldige bewustmaking! Als dit soort dingen standaard in het curriculum van de middelbare school zouden verschijnen zou het veganisme na 4 generaties de standaardnorm kunnen zijn schat ik zo.

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