Deze plek is voor dieren die een thuis zoeken.

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Bericht door Rick » zo dec 01, 2013 14:56

Hallo allemaal,

Sinds een aantal maanden woont Rani bij ons. Rani is een hondje die van straat is gehaald, omdat haar pootje gebroken was. Ze leefde in New Delhi, India. Via een stichting is ze bij een opvangadres in Nederland gekomen en via die stichting is ze uiteindelijk bij ons terecht gekomen.

Met degene die Rani van straat heeft gehaald hebben we momenteel goed contact. Het enorme toeval wil namelijk dat zij ook veganist is! Waarschijnlijk zullen wij haar komende zomervakantie bezoeken met Rani. Ze woont in Zwitserland, maar komt regelmatig in India. Nu heeft ze mij gevraagd of ik iemand zou weten die een ander hondje zou willen opvangen. Als je interesse hebt of iets anders voor haar weet, laat het me weten! Hieronder haar verhaal.

Regarding the dog in India, Moti, I have attached few pictures of him on my email and you will find his story below. Basically I found him 2 years ago, just few months before I left India for good and come to Switzerland.

I found Moti roaming near my office somewhere in Delhi, when he was around 3 months old. He was a beautiful pup, all white with a huge black dot on his back. He was obviously dumped or lost as there was no sign of his mother around...I did not know what to do with him, so I thought about the family who was doing the ironing near my office. They were dog friendly and were living right there so I could have had an eye on the pup while going to the office, so I asked them if they wanted to keep him, I would have bought food and vaccinated him. They agreed and the children were very happy with the new family's member! We called him Moti (it means dot), I bought him a little coat for the winter, a collar and a leash. He seemed to be very happy with his new family and I was very relieved as I was leaving India for good and I wanted to make sure he was well looked after. All semed fine and I flew back to Europe. After a few month I left India, a friend of mine
and animal activist staying in the same colony of that family and who knew Moti as we often went to see him togheter after my work, sent me a message saying that Moti had disappeared. She found out that the family went few days back in their home village and left Moti there in the street. A neighbour bribed a guard with some money and asked him to dump the pup in another part of town. The volunteer took the guard and went to look for him but did not find Moti...We were all so desperate, and start thinking that he might also have been killed...But few days later my friend went to search for Moti. She didn't even know where to look as the colony was very big and didn't know the exact location where Moti was dumped. She just got off from the car and started searching for him and when she started to loose hope, she found him!!! He was scared and starved but he recognized my friend and ran into her!!!! A miracle had happened! She took him with her and
togheter we started to look for a home for him, even though we knew that it would have been very difficult as no one in India would adopt a stray indian dog.

Then, an animal activist living in South India (Bangalore) contacted me and told me that he would have adopted him. He has an NGO called 'The Voice of Stray Dogs', he does a great job and rescues all the sick and injured / abandoned dogs in the city. He has ambulance facilities, a shelter and a huge farm in the countryside where he keeps around 300 dogs. As we didn't have any other option, we decided that he could take Moti and organized his flight down to Bangalore. Moti seemed very happy and Mr X (the animal activist) posted a lot of pictures of Moti running around in the farm with other dogs, so I was finally releaved...

Last month, when I went to India, I decided to pay a visit to Mr X and meet Moti. The farm is very big and there is a lot of space and big ponds where the dogs can bath when it's hot. All the dogs are well fed and are all vaccinated and have medical care. The only problem is that having so many dogs, Mr X cannot keep them all togheter open or else they would faith wit eachother and make a big mess...So he created a lot of enclosures within the property where the dogs are kept in small lots of 5 / 10 dogs. Each enclosure has a small water pond and some sheds where the dogs can hide from the sun and sleep. The problem is that the dogs are let open only a few days per week and spend the whole day closed between 4 walls without any human interaction (a part from the employees who feed them twice a day). Even though Mr X is trying to do a good job and he loves dogs, I don't think this is an ideal life for Moti who is a very energetic and active dog (he
is 2 years old now). He needs big spaces where to run and a family who gives him full time love and attention. He is extremely sociable and affectionate, dominant with other dogs but also very playful and cheerful. I would love him to find a good home who could give him all the love he deserves.

The only problem is that Mr X is a very proud person and I am not 100% sure that he would let Moti go...But I need to try...If I find a home for him and explain that Moti will be loved and cared for, he might approve and help me to fly Moti to the Netherlands...I think we should give it a try and see what happens.

Please let me know if you need more informations or pictures of him, ok? ... c30f97.jpg ... 821a0e.jpg ... c95973.jpg ... a12178.jpg ... c4ebfc.jpg

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Re: Moti

Bericht door jojo » zo dec 01, 2013 15:41

ohhhhhhh..... wat een scheetje!!!! Smelt...... Ik hoop dat dit gaat lukken!!!!!

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Re: Moti

Bericht door Veggie93 » zo dec 01, 2013 17:11

Ach wat een leuke honden! Ik zal in mijn omgeving informeren of iemand hem misschien wil opvangen!
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