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Raamsticker, digitale variant + logo (751x257)  

Vegan Friendly promotion

The Vegan Friendly promotion is intended to give attention to eateries, (web)shops and other initiatives with (partly) vegan offerings. Participants can be recognized by the clear window sticker on the door or by a digital version on the website.

Membership benefit

An increasing number of participants of our Vegan Friendly promotion give a benefit or discount to members of the Dutch Vegan Society (NVV). This benefit can be a discount percentage or a free product for example. In the following list this benefit is indicated in pink.

*An asterix means the benefit is conditional. You can read the condition by clicking on the member.

Signups, tips and contact

(Dutch) eateries, (web)shops and other initiatives with (partly) vegan offering can be registered for this promotion. Participation is free when a few conditions are met. The condition is that the participation is shown via the corresponding window sticker (or the digital variant for website) and / or that the participant grants an advantage to NVV members. Read more in these general conditions.

Registration new Vegan Friendly partecipant

Tip (new partecipant or deprecated information)

For other questions or remarks you can contact us at veganfriendly@veganisme.org.

English version

At the moment we describe the particpants in Dutch only. If you find it hard to read the descriptions, please try using a tool like Google Translate. For specific questions please send us an email.