The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme (Dutch Association for Veganism) or NVV is the biggest vegan association of the Netherlands. We are also the main Dutch expertise centre on veganism. We stick up for the animals and the interests of our members.

We believe in a vegan world where the use of animals is no longer the standard; a world where people respect all sentient beings; a world where people not only realize that we do not need animal products or services to be healthy, but also act accordingly.

Inform, inspire and enthuse

There are approximately 150,000 vegans in the Netherlands (July 2020) and this number increases every day. Together, we can make a difference. But there is a lot more to accomplish. The NVV wants to inform, inspire and enthuse people with information on plant food and veganism. We do this in a variety of ways, for example:

What we do

  • Running the VeganChallenge. Participants are challenged to go vegan for one month. We help those who want to become vegan with clever tips and delicious recipes. It is an alternative to international programs such as Veganuary or Challenge22; it is in Dutch and catered to a Dutch audience.

  • Running the Vegan Wiki. Vegan Wiki is your own Wikipedia for everything you want to know about vegan products in the Netherlands, such as how to find vegan bread options and vegan cheeses.

  • Providing information about dairy on our Melk, je kunt zonder! website. This website uncovers the truth behind dairy. Many people find it difficult to cut dairy out of their diets. However, the switch to veganism is easier than people might think and this website tells visitors how to easily switch to a life without dairy.

  • Maintaining our Vegan Friendly page. Here you will find information on where to shop or eat vegan in the Netherlands. You’ll find a comprehensive list of addresses in our Vegan Friendly section. Many shops even offer a discount for NVV members.

  • Representing the Vegan Trademark in the Netherlands. This international trademark guarantees that a product is vegan. Dutch manufacturers can apply through the NVV.

  • Publishing the quarterly VEGAN Magazine. The magazine contains useful information about veganism, interviews, product and book reviews, and recipes. Members get a copy of the magazine, but past issues can also be found in the archive on our website.

  • Presenting the annual Vegan Awards to the best vegan books, products, shops and other categories.

  • Representing veganism at booths and events throughout the year. These can be found in our calendar.

  • Releasing a monthly newsletter.

  • Maintaining a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


World Vegan Alliance

Since August 2019, the NVV is a member of the Vegan World Alliance, alongside of The Vegan Society of Canada, The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand, Vegan Australia and Be Vegan (Belgium). With this international partnership, the national vegan associations want to cooperate more intensively to benefit the promotion of veganism and thus accelerate the transition to a vegan world.


We are collaborating with various vegan partners, such as Bite Back, Vegan Runners Nederland, Plant Power & Animal Rights NL.